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Vizard Guide

Vizard Guide Vizard-ii (sau viazard-ii) sunt exact opusul arrancar-ilor; sunt shinigami care si-au dezvoltat un hollow in interior pentru a-i obtine puterile si ale caror puteri de shinigami raman dominante. Pentru a realiza asta, trebuie ca intr-un anumit moment sa se lupte cu hollow-ul lor interior si pe urma sa pastreze controlul asupra lui. Din moment ce au fost original shinigami, par la fel ca ceilalti oameni, dar isi pot convoca masca dupa propria dorinta. Poarta zanpakuto-uri, dar au tendinta sa isi foloseasca mai mult puterile de hollow in dauna celor de shinigami. Cand foloseste puterile de hollow, vizard-ul trebuie sa aiba masca pusa, iar albul ochilor devine negru si irisul auriu. Nu au gaura unui hollow in corpul lor care sa indice ca nu au suflet sau ca nu se pot controla. Cand poarta mastile, ei detin in totalitate controlul, dar au o limita de timp in care isi pot folosi masca. Limita variaza de la vizard la vizard. Societatea Sufletelor considera vizard-ii criminali pentru ca au incalcat ultima regula de obtine puteri de hollow. Nici un hollow nu ar accepta un vizard, pentru ca acestia au fost shinigami, inamicii hollow-ilor. De aceea se presupune ca Vizard-ii nu se aliaza cu niciuna dintre parti.

Vizard Gear - Zanpakuto ( Soul Cutter) - Zanpakuto-ul unui Vaizard in principiu pare a fii la fel cu zanpakuto-ul unui shinigami, avand in vedere ca Ichigo este tehnic un vaizard ceea ce sugereaza ca acestia pot folosii release-uri cat si abilitatie zanpakuto-urilor, bankai si altele.

- Hollow Mask - Masca unui Vaizard este ceea care le ofera capacitatea de a folosii abilitatile de hollow. in timpul luptei, Vaizarzi isi convoaca mastile de hollow si puterile de hollow pentru a-si marii puterile de shinigami, aceasta oferindu-le o crestere masiva a fortei, vitezei, staminei si a andurantei. De asemenea pot folosii si o serie din puterile mai comune de hollow, precum Cero. Ranile pe care le-au primit pana in acel punct pot fii usor ignorate in timpul purtarii masti de hollow.

Known Vizard

There are eight known Vizard aside from Ichigo Kurosaki. Five of them are men and the other three are women. Three Vizard speak kansai-ben, a dialect spoken in Osaka and Kyoto. All Vizard are former Shinigami Captains or Lieutenants from approximately 100 years before the main storyline. Ichigo Kurosaki is considered one of their number unofficially more or less by the group's admission.

Vizard Rank Affiliation Partner Zanpakutō Hollow Mask Status
Shinji Hirako Former Captain Formerly 5th Division Formerly Sōsuke Aizen Sakanade Double-mouthed Pharaoh mask with a short-flowing hood beneath the back of his neck Injured fighting Sōsuke Aizen
Love Aikawa Former Captain Formerly 7th Division Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi Tengumaru Traditional Ogre-shaped Oni mask with two small horns at its forehead Injured fighting Sōsuke Aizen
Mashiro Kuna Former Lieutenant Formerly 9th Division Kensei Muguruma Unknown Heart-shaped mask with two goggle-shaped eyes and four slits in its mouth area; Resembles Kamen Rider's mask Injured fighting Wonderweiss Margera
Kensei Muguruma Former Captain Formerly 9th Division Mashiro Kuna Tachikaze Flat hockey mask with six slitted eye holes in two columns and extensions that frame his head Unknown
Rōjūrō Otoribashi Former Captain Formerly 3rd Division Love Aikawa Kinshara Plague doctor mask; Unique in the sense that his protrudes from his face instead of being flat Injured fighting Sōsuke Aizen
Hiyori Sarugaki Former Lieutenant Formerly 12th Division Formerly Kisuke Urahara Kubikiri Orochi Wide skull mask with a prominent horn centered on its forehead and a row of diamond-shaped markings over its eyebrows Bifurcated by Gin Ichimaru
Hachigen Ushōda Former Kidō Corps Lieutenant Formerly Kidō Corps Formerly Tessai Tsukabishi Unknown Traditional Balinese demon mask with tusks and feather-shaped spikes at the top of its head Currently taking care of Hiyori Sarugaki
Lisa Yadōmaru Former Lieutenant Formerly 8th Division Formerly Shunsui Kyōraku Haguro Tonbo Diamond-shaped mask with a cross-shaped hole in the middle and its top tip bending over her head Injured fighting Sōsuke Aizen
Ichigo Kurosaki Substitute Shinigami Loosely Soul Society None Zangetsu Narrow skull mask with ten red stripes spread across the top, middle, and bottom left side of his mask Training in the Dangai Precipice World
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